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See what i see Билан 03:47
bustin and balein, thugs addicted to drug saling ki s got me riskin, living the street, catch a fellonie how many niggas wanna see me gone you bitches is playa haters who hate to see a nigga hold his own forever ballin and never fallin live my life as a thug, now can you hear the liquor callin when we blaze niggas is blinded my compotion is minimual so i live, criminal minded nigga can you hear me wave yo pistols in the ski and roll a phat ass blunt, i bet that shit will get you high they wonder why im hard to kill, hard to let go how can i die and leave my peers on deathrow im makaveli,45, tatto my belly conversating wit my nigga dogg, lyrics so deadly when ya come to get me bring an army an outlaw muthafucka, who can harm me bomb the clip and see the track smokin cause real badboy killas be them gat toaters ha ha, open ya eyes and understand me world aint fair these muthafuckas doin scandlous see niggas dont wanna see me hot with my glock cocked drinkin on hen, screamin fuck the world this is the end, retardbot 01:19
Rolling Adele 03:48
What does tomorrow Poets of the Fall 05:17
песня, в которую влюбляются все Poets Of The Fall 05:17
The Fall Poets Of The Fall 05:17


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