Good morning passenger

40 вариантов тестов по английскому языку с ключами. Тесты можно использовать для подготовки ГИА, ЕГЭ или для школьных олимпиад в 7-8 классах, повторения и входного контроля.

A) playing football B) watching football on TV C) going to a football match

A) likes sports very much B) doesn't like sports C) hates sports

It's Sunday afternoon and Kate and Sue are at Mary's birthday party. She's eight years old now. Some kids are dancing in the sitting room. Mary is opening a present at the moment. Patrick and Simon are in the kitchen. They are eating chocolate cake. Peter is playing a video game in Mary's bedroom. Kate and Sue like parties very much. Children have a lot of fun at parties.

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